zu jung?

Studying geodesy with cartography and photogrammetry 30 years ago, teaching civil engineers and architects surveying and cartography since 15 years, developing a 3D-city-model which is available online in the internet since five years and watching actual trends during all this time, I am wondering now, that “my” community is happy to do, what I had to do 30 years ago!

Which trends do allow “neocartography”? Which fascination enables  „media geography” or “locating media” to be sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG)? What is the part of OSM in this context? What is able in OSM and what is not?

Students of civil engineering  start by modelling topography and placing cubes into this topography in order to build a first simulation of their surrounding. They go on by modelling the real world with houses, streets, rivers and more or less realistic elements of the real scene. They walk around, producing pictures of the historical city wall and make them part of the city model. Sensitive spaces are defined. Which information ever is given by touching the sensitive space has to be decided by the student in action. What we get out of these first steps of numerous generations of students is a platform which can be compared to television or advertisement in a newspaper, available for everybody in the region and worldwide! Entering the sensitive space means for example entering the portal of an enterprise, a town hall, a school, presenting all available information.

Using this type of information platform in the internet is up to now unusual and is not yet explicitly asked for – OSM is! Am I too young for this time? Or will this be the future of OSM?


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